The global promotion and enforcement of textiles was in part done (in similar manner as the advertis

Our holistic naturist ancestors did indeed have modesty and shame, though it was shame (and honor) about their conduct, their contribution for their families and their society, not about their bodies or the bodies of those around them. Our naturist (family and societal nudist) ancestors were by these standards quite modest, though when seen through the warped lens of repressive colonizing cultures, they were labeled as "simple" and "shameless."
Overtly and covertly textile enforcement and pseudo-religious indoctrination, was used as a way of shaming, devaluing, repressing, and subjugating holistic naturist cultures. Western photographers and authors mostly selected to contain only "decent" clothed images of individual, family and societal life (often omitting common wholesome naturist practices) in popular historical records.
The colonizing worldwide textile industry and pseudo-religious orthodoxies also plundered local economical resources, encouraged slavery and child labor (including historical agro-fabric cotton picking slaves and modern sweatshop factory workers), created conflicts and divisions within indigenous societies, and damaged the mental, physical, and spiritual health of subject peoples, as they continue to do now.
Example of a clothing advertisement depicting nudity as sexual and deviant.
Today, textile products are always overtly and covertly advertised to virtually every single human being in the world from birth until death. This promotion is often so efficient that many of us have come to consider that we couldn't live without russian nudist .
Some of us believe our garments explain who we are, they are an essential and crucial part of our daily lives, they are required for us to be approved, moral, modest, and great human beings. In the USA and around the globe mainstream media describes human nakedness as lewd, indecent, offensive, hyper-sexualized, deviant, psychologically harmful, pornographic, shameful, idiotic, and wrong to such an extent that many mothers are ashamed, and in some cases not allowed by law, to be seen breastfeeding their kids.

It's no coincidence the USA also has much more mature and child pornography, sexual abuse and sex crime, female pregnancy, juvenile delinquency, bullying, and a larger prison population than any of the more naturist supporting nations on earth nowadays. Around the world, in our modern fabric enforced societies, individuals are routinely ostracized, bullied, robbed, beaten, raped, and even killed because of what they wear.
Before the sway of global mercantile forces (frequently running within and through religious, military, and government institutions), a number of our ancestors maintained well established holistic naturist traditions in their day-to-day individual, family, social, casual, and ceremonial interactions, including respect for each other, and respect for their surroundings. Nude Beach PartyThis was true even among Arctic peoples such as the Inuit, Sami, and Nordic tribes. What many folks may not be conscious of is the part that naturism played in strengthening communal bonds, local economies, individual and ethnic self-esteem, and physical wellbeing. Holistic naturism permitted our ancestors to see each other as sacred whole individuals, and to accept different body types as perfectly natural. Youths were able to see the entire cycle of human development from birth, through puberty, young adulthood, adulthood, elderly maturity, and eventually passing, as a normal part of life.
Much of the sexual misinformation, preoccupation and confusion that surrounds westernized "modern" adolescence was absent from their lives. This allowed the development of better informed and more socially accountable youthful members of the community. Our ancestors accepted their bodies as they were, without diet crazes, plastic surgery, steroids, dangerous beauty products, hottest trends, or bank breaking "bling."
Though, on occasion they wore cloths and jewelry for artistic self-expression, shows of wealth or status, protection, practicality, and to regulate body temperature when needed, they did not conceal or explain themselves by what they wore, and they were comfortable and respectful with themselves and with each other without any required adornment.
Astonishingly, over the last century, many European and westernized societies have started to understand and recover the benefits of naturism. Physical benefits include increased vitality and longevity, increased oxygen intake, increased vitamin D intake, , strengthened immune systems, greater temperature tolerance, and reduced allergies.

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A first Time Nudist At A Nudist Beach

(Guest naturist beach Site)
A First Timers Visit and Experience at a Naturist Beach:
Initially I went naked in public was when I was 22 at a naturist beach in the Florida Keys. The strand was a clothing optional one , and I had always wanted to run along the strand in the nude so I determined that I 'd do it.

Well, that was when I began feeling a bit of fear about the full encounter. I saw that there were other folks there, and I just felt a little bit self conscious even though most were nude.
There was a beautiful red sunset that lit up . After sepending some timepsyching my self up Ifinally I just convinced myself that I was going to do it!
I took off my clothing and after that just took off! I ran down to the the waters edge as fast as quickly as my feet could take me. In the second I started my mad dash towards the water I couldn't help but feel free, like a child, and the feeling of the wind on my body was superb.
Naturist Beach Warning Sign - Beware Of The Nudists
All the fears that I had bout my body& the way I looked only faded away as I was running towards the ocean.
Once the sandy playa came to a conclusion and I reach the water, I jumped into the ocean, and it was so freeing to be absolutely nude and completely me. Out there in the water, with not a stitch of clothes I felt totally one with god and nature.
Just a fantastic naked walk on the naturist beach
Then I decided that I wanted to run along the naturist beach. The feeling of the soft sand on my feet was exhilarating and all the while I was filled with pure happiness, being there totally nude with nothing to hide.
The nudist beach was moderate sized, but there were not a lot of people there and which is where I 'd advocate starting out Notably for people who are unsure or timid, the best place to start is somewhere where you'll be comfortable.
The thing which noticed about being there was that no one appeared to care that I was nude. We were all just doing our own thing and the fact that no one was wearing any clothes was okay.
I realized that we're all okay as far as other folks were concerned. Big, small, fat, tall, dark skin or light, no one actually cared about the wrapping I came in.
After the sundown I was heading back to my car after I ran into a couple from England and we sat and talked for a while before I left.
I'm 24 now and I would undoubtedly say that this was a rewarding experience, and I 'd definitely get it done again. I see things otherwise since that day. The way I see my naked body & the way I think about others has entirely changed.
While I 'm not a naturist or a naturist, my first experience with social naturism left me far more accepting of the way I look and feel about me!
This guest naturist site about a first timer at a naturist beach was published by - Young Naturists and Young Nudists America FKK
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Type: Nude Beach, Nude Outdoors and Naked In Nature, Social Nudity Sites
About the Author (Author Profile)
Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co-founder of Naturist Portal.

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